Strategic Planning Options

Flexible Staffing Services

Fernandez Consulting Services, Inc. services are designed to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of your business, Fernandez Consulting Services, Inc. can help you effectively manage your contract employees by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs.

Prime Contractor

Contract with owner of a project which gives the contractor full responsibility for project design control, manpower scheduling, planning, implementation, deliverables, and its completion. Deals directly with owners designated representatives.


Contract with owner or prime contractor to provide work or services on a portion of a large project. Generally performs work under the supervision of "designated representatives" of owner or prime contractor.

Contingent Staffing

Contracts can last a few days or several years, based on need. To give you maximum flexibility, we do not require you to retain an employee for a specific time period unless you are considering that employee for a full time position.

Workforce Recovery Program

Our Workforce Recovery Program allows our clients to "partner" with FCSI to bring back those loyal and trained employees who were laid off during tough econimic times, instead of bringing in new temporary workers with no company experience. This can be a great option even if you have not considered using a temporary staffing company in the past.


This service enables you to "try out" an individual for six to 12 months on a contract basis before making a full-time offer. This service also gives you time to decide if business activity is robust enough to support the cost of the new employees at the end of the contract period.

Direct Hire Placement

Our direct placement search services help you find specialty engineers and technical personnel to fill a critical staff or management position. To keep relocation costs at a minimum, we begin our recruiting efforts in your immediate region. If suitable candidates are not available, we expand the search to North America, using our national talent database and a network of other specialized search tools.

Payroll Services

Our payroll service takes the hassle out of hiring temporary employees by shifting the employer / employee relationship to us and simplify life by having us handle FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance for every employee.


FCSI participates in the federal government's E-Verify Program. Click here for more information.

Equal Opportunity Employer

FCSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Drug Free Workplace

FCSI supports a substance abuse free workplace.

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